Your ability to make money in today’s economy is highly dependent on the fact as to how flexible you are and how inclined you can be to learn new skills. Having a unique set of skills can set you up for life. People who have a niche that is unique to them can charge a high dollar for their labor.

In addition to that, you can put yourself in an even better position if you offer mobile or on-call services. Providing people with the convenience of a repair on their premises can be a great value for them and it can make your high price seem worth it to them.

Following are some of the avenues that you can explore to assess what might be the right path for you. 


  1. Offer Mobile Repairs to Businesses 

When it comes to businesses everything can get pretty expensive. Commercial settings mostly have a lot of hoops and loops that can cost extra. Similarly, things can be bulky and to perform repairs they can not be easily removed or replaced. 

There is also the complex matter of permits and safety involved. In such a setting, if you are able to offer services like a garage door repair or diagnostics you can make sure that your services will be high in demand. Being able to fix things on-site is a much-preferred method for any business. 

By doing things in this way businesses can make sure that they stay operational and if there is down time it can be minimized as much as possible. 


  1. Provide Handyman Services 

Providing services as a handyman can also be a job for you. Our homes are full of electronics and gadgets that can be a bit intimidating to mess with for the common person. If you have an understanding of electronics and are skillful with repairs you can make a killing by providing handyman services.

You can even get contracts with apartment blocks and handle their business on a priority basis. It can be a win-win situation for both parties. You will keep getting consistent work, and they will get timely repairs done for their tenants.

On the other hand, for homeowners, you can offer services like dryer vent cleaning or garage door repair. It can be a simple thing to fix, but if the homeowner is nervous to try and fix it for themselves, someone will have to do it, which can be you. 


  1. Do Paid Promotions 

When you are in the field you have a unique opportunity to advertise products that a customer might be in need of. These products can be those which you have had a good experience with in the past or it can be the case of choosing the best product for that particular customer.

You can partner up with different vendors to promote their products, and this way, you can get a discount, which will add to your profit margins. You can also transfer some of that benefit to your clients to provide them with a better value.